icon Awards

  • 1st place, AISA 2015

    Anugerah Inovasi Sektor Awam atau AISA merupakan penganugerahan di peringkat kedua tertinggi bagi mengiktiraf agensi sektor awam yang berjaya menampilkan pelbagai penyelesaian kreatif dalam bidang pengurusan utama sektor awam

What makes Canang so special?

  • icon Industry Focus
    We focus on higher education and local municipality. We believe in distilling knowledge so that we can be on par with our clients.
  • icon Technology Update
    We update our technologies and tools regularly to keep up with the trend. Our tools are the latest and greatest from open source.
  • icon 24 X 7 support
    We run the operation with management tools like JIRA and Slack. These tools let us interact with our clients at all time
  • icon Cloud computing
    We deploy all of our cloud application on AWS or DO. These nodes are zero-friction applications that you can adopt for your organization.
  • icon Create and enjoy
    We love to create and enjoy exploring new ideas from our clients. The joy of Maker in deeply ingrained in all of us.
  • iconDomain Driven
    We understand business domain. Our methodology put business first to really understand your mission-critical needs.
  • iconOpen Collaboration
    We make ourselves available for discussion. Please don't hesitate to call us to talk to us on how to collaborate with us.
  • icon Special protection
    We believe the future holds endless possibilities for your organization. The future is also harsh to business condition.

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