• Get work done in a
    delightful manners

    User interface is the key to everything. Keep user happy with great interface, easy to use forms and actions. We put interface first and foremost to minimize the cost of doing business. We try to understand our users and put their needs as our top most priority.

  • Mobile technology
    is the driving force

    These day and age, mobile companion to web application is a must. We are already on our way to the future of mobile and on-the-go resources. We build with mobility in mind. Our technologies are 100% compatible with mobility

  • Easy to customize
    and optimize

    We build for you the most basic foundation of application. Take it and customize it further for your own need or just use what's needed. Configure and setup to optimize it for your own IT needs and environment. Discover your own or let us do it for you.

  • Enterprise-grade framework
    & tooling libraries

    The best of breeds from open source world and Java combined. We only use tools that are validated for our purposes. You will be among Fortune 500 companies that uses the same tooling. Maintainable codes is a business advantage

  • Our domain thinking
    creates unlimited possibilities

    We believe in a domain-driven development methodology. This discipline creates a foundation for us to build an extensible application with practically limitless possibilities. Every parts of our application is extensible by default.

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    Easy User Interface

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    Mobile Technology

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    Easy to customize

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    State of art framework

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    Extensible modules

We guarantee application delivery

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    Growing Software

    We understand that software is about growing features from foundational requirements. Freedom to innovate separates us.
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    Delivering Application

    We guarantee application delivery because we know that your business application is mission-critical to your organization.
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    Documenting Process

    We believe in keeping our source codes clean. Quality software is self-documenting. Maintainable codes is a business advantage.

icon Very powerful options built right in

We use the best of breeds open source technology. Powerful options comes standard

  • Enterprise-grade security
  • Role-based security
  • Process and workflow
  • Seamless integration
  • Cron and batch process
  • Easy user interface

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